Accidental Bride (Beaufort Brides) (Volume 3) by Noelle Adams

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Title: Accidental Bride (Beaufort Brides) (Volume 3)
Author: Noelle Adams
Category: Romance
Date: 1/19/2016
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9781523300631

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Kelly has spent her life taking care of her grandmother and being responsible, but she decides to have a little fun for one weekend in Vegas. She doesn’t expect to wake up married to her best friend, Peter–and not remember anything about it. Peter has been in love with Kelly for a long time, but she’s never looked at him as anything but a friend. He’s thrilled when she seems to want him for a husband–until he finds out she didn’t know what she was doing. Not wanting to let her go, he convinces her to stay married to him for a month and a half to appease their traditional families. Now he has only forty-five days to prove to her that they should stay married for good.

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