Believed Violent by James Hadley Chase

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Title: Believed Violent
Author: James Hadley Chase
Category: Mystery
Date: 1/1/1968
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown

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The Russians will pay $4,000,000 for the top secret formula to a revolutionary new metal … and the CIA will do anything to stop them. American inventor Dr Paul Forrester is the man that both sides want. He alone can decipher the vital code but, for two years, Forrester has been in a mental asylum – ever since that bloody day when he walked in on his beautiful wife and her lover. So it’s Nona Jacey, Forrester’s former lab assistant, who becomes a helpless pawn in the power struggle to possess the scientist. Because she is the only person that holds the key to unlocking Forrester’s mind …

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