Dead of Night (In Death, #24.5) by J.D. Robb

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Title: Dead of Night (In Death, #24.5)
Author: J.D. Robb
Category: Mystery
Date: 10/30/2007
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9780515143676

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About the book:

Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, places futuristic lieutenant Eve Dallas in a supernatural showdown with a most seductive prison: a vampire in “Eternity in Death.” An historical coin whisks an American lady and a modern-day earl into the past-and into one another’s arms-in a stirring story from Mary Blayney’s “Amy and the Earl’s Amazing Adventure.” When a metropolis woman visits a Scottish citadel in Ruth Ryan Langan’s “Timeless,” she is thrust right into a timeless romance with a mighty Highland laird. And Mary Kay McComas offers an sad spouse a magic-carpet journey into an alternate actuality to indicate her the grass isn’t all the time greener in “On the Fringe.”

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