High Voltage (Fever, #10) by Karen Marie Moning

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Title: High Voltage (Fever, #10)
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Category: Fantasy
Date: 3/6/2018
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9780399593666

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About the book:

There is not any motion with out consequence… Dani O’Malley was 9 years outdated when the delusional, sadistic Rowena reworked her right into a ruthless killer. Years later, she’s robust, hardened, but achingly weak and fiercely compassionate, residing alone by her personal exacting code. Despite the scars on her physique, pushed by deeper ones carved into her soul, nobody is extra dedicated to defending Dublin. By day, she ensures the security of these she rescues, by evening she hunts evil, dishing out justice swiftly and with out mercy, decided to provide these she cares for the peace she has by no means identified. There is not any energy with out worth… When the Faerie Queen used the dangerously highly effective Song of Making to heal the world from the injury completed by the Hoar Frost King, catastrophic magic seeped deep into the earth, giving rise to horrifying, unexpected penalties–and now lethal enemies plot within the darkness, getting ready to enslave the human race and unleash an historic reign of hell on Earth. There is not any future with out sacrifice… With the deadly, immortal Ryodan at her aspect, armed with the epic Sword of Light, Dani as soon as once more battles to avoid wasting the world however her previous comes again to hang-out her with a vengeance, demanding an unspeakable worth for the facility she wants to avoid wasting the human race and nobody—not even Ryodan who’d transfer the very stars for her—can save her this time…

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