Monday or Tuesday by Virginia Woolf

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Title: Monday or Tuesday
Author: Virginia Woolf
Category: Short
Date: 5/6/1921
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9780486294537

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One of probably the most distinguished critics and revolutionary authors of the 20 th century, Virginia Woolf printed two novels earlier than this assortment appeared in 1921. However, it was these early tales that first earned her a status as a author with “the liveliest creativeness and most delicate fashion of her time.” Influenced by Joyce, Proust, and the theories of William James, Bergson, and Freud, she strove to write down a brand new fiction that emphasised the continual movement of consciousness, time’s passage as each a sequence of sequential moments and an extended movement of years and centuries, and the important indefinability of character. Readers can uncover these and different facets of her influential fashion within the eight tales collected right here, amongst them a pleasant, feminist put-down of the male mind in “A Society” and an excellent and delicate portrayal of nature in “Kew Gardens.” Also included are “An Unwritten Novel,” “The String Quartet,” “A Haunted House,” “Blue BOOKSUMMARY Green,” “The Mark on the Wall,” and the title story. In latest years, Woolf’s fiction, feminism, and high-minded sensibilities have earned her an ever-growing viewers of readers. This splendid assortment gives these readers not solely the inestimable pleasures of the tales themselves, however a wonderful entrée into the bigger physique of Woolf’s work.

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