Pure Healing (Pure/ Dark Ones) by Aja James

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Title: Pure Healing (Pure/ Dark Ones)
Author: Aja James
Category: Fantasy
Date: 5/4/2012
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9781973240372

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In the world of Pure Ones, where sexual intercourse with anyone other than one’s Eternal Mate leads to a slow, painful death within thirty days, love comes with the warning label “fall at your own peril”… Rain: the Healer From the first time she beheld him, she yearned to sooth his pain and torment and nurtured a secret, selfish desire – to have him for her very own… Valerius: the Protector Despite their instant attraction, he has staunchly avoided applying to be the Healer’s Consort, haunted by the brutality and violence of his past… As the decadal Phoenix Rite draws near, as threats from their vampire nemesis intensify, Rain and Valerius must decide whether they let their histories and duties dictate their destiny or whether they risk all for a chance at everlasting love.

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