The Incredible Human Journey by Alice Roberts

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Title: The Incredible Human Journey
Author: Alice Roberts
Category: Science
Date: 4/1/2009
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9780747598398

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About the book:

Alice Roberts has been travelling the world – from Ethiopian desert to Malay peninsula and from Russian steppes to Amazon basin – in an effort to perceive the challenges that early people confronted as they tried to settle continents. On her travels she has witnessed a few of the daunting and brutal challenges our ancestors needed to face: mountains, deserts, oceans, altering climates, terrifying big beasts and volcanoes. But she discovers that maybe probably the most critical risk of all got here from different people. When our ancestors set out from Africa there have been already two different species of human on the planet: Neanderthal in Europe and Homo erectus in Asia. Both (opposite to well-liked notion) had been clever, adept at making instruments and weapons and had been lengthy tailored to their environments. So, Alice asks, why did solely Homo sapiens survive? Part detective story, half travelogue, and drawing on the newest genetic and archaeological discoveries, Alice examines how our ancestors developed bodily in response to those challenges, discovering out how our color, form, measurement, food regimen, illness resistance and even athletic skill have been formed by the vary of environments that our ancestors needed to survive. She additionally relates how astonishingly intently associated all of us are.

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